About Us

The New Jersey Democratic Assembly Campaign Committee (DACC) is the political operation supporting Democratic candidates running for seats in the General Assembly. Currently, Democrats hold a 54-26 supermajority for the first time in 45 years, and this is the longest continually Democratic majority in state history. The success of DACC has become a national model for state legislative caucuses as Democrats thrived during an era when nationally Democrats suffered massive losses at the state legislative level.

DACC is committed to helping elect candidates that fight for New Jersey’s values. From economic policy that promotes job growth, livable wages, and new economic development, to funding critical healthcare services for women and families, to providing vital property tax relief for working families and seniors and standing up for our veterans, our candidates fight to ensure every New Jerseyan has the tools they need to succeed. Our priorities are New Jersey’s priorities.

266 Fernwood Avenue
Edison, NJ 08837